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When the 2014 midterm elections came to a close and the race for the White House officially started, there seemed to be no doubt that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee.

No doubt until now. In a new poll, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has (just barely) taken the lead in Iowa over Clinton:

The Vermont senator is favorite among 41% of Iowa likely Democratic participants, compared with 40% supporting the former Secretary of State, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday. That marks a major reversal from early July, when Clinton was ahead of Sanders, 52% to 33%.

This news broke just three days after NBC News reported that Sanders held a 10-point in New Hampshire, and that Clinton’s Iowa popularity was steadily declining. Even though she “apologized” Tuesday for her private email server, she’s now polling behind a candidate few took seriously even six months ago.

Is this finally the end of the road for Clinton? She may have been the first lady, a U.S. senator, and secretary of state, but if this bad polling continues, she might never call the Oval Office her own.

The Republican candidates have spent months attacking Clinton. Now they might need to start brushing up on Bernie Sanders’ brand of socialism.

Natalie McKee About the author:
Natalie C. McKee writes from Michigan and has previously written for the American Spectator. Follow her on Twitter @deMacedoNCD
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