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Stephen Colbert welcomed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to the “Late Show” last night. Colbert apologized for all the mean things he’s said about Trump over the years. He offered Trump the opportunity to apologize for anything he’s said about anyone, to which Trump declined, except to apologize to “maybe, the audience.”

The two did talk some politics — albeit, lightheartedly. Colbert asked Trump to explain how he planned to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. Trump said “we have to have a wall” and Mexico will have to foot the bill. Trump said this will be a “serious wall.” Colbert jokingly offered that this wall also needs a moat, fire, and crocodiles.

Trump said once the wall is up “nobody comes in unless they have their papers and they come in legally.” Trump believes his massive but “beautiful” wall will keep out crime and drugs.

One night earlier, Colbert delivered a tougher line of questioning to Trump’s Republican opponent, Ted Cruz.

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