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Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has seen his popularity among Republicans fade since announcing his run for president last summer, a new poll shows.

In a survey released by Gallup on Friday, Bush’s net favorable rating dropped to -1 (44 percent favorable, 45 percent unfavorable), worst among the Republican candidates. This was over a period between December 18 and January 5.

01082015_Jeb Tracking_GAllup

Shortly after Bush’s announcement for president, his favorability was +27 (54 percent favorable, 27 percent unfavorable).

In contrast to Bush, Governor Chris Christie, who was relegated to the undercard debate in November before rejoining the main stage, finds himself going in the opposite direction. Over the same period as Bush, Christie has skyrocketed from a net +6 to +23.

01082016_Bush Christie_Gallup

The results are based upon a daily tracking poll randomly sampling 44,111 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents aged 18 and older.

A poll released Wednesday by Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Christie at 11 percent and Bush at 10 percent in the New Hampshire Republican primary. Real estate mogul Donald Trump leads the poll with 29 percent.

With a tight race for second place, both Bush and Christie have spent a significant amount of time in the Granite State.

The Real Clear Politics average of national polls shows Trump as the clear leader with 35 percent, followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 20 percent, Florida Senator Marco Rubio with 11 percent, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 10 percent, Christie with 5 percent, and Bush with 3 percent.

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