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Rand Paul said of Hillary Clinton on CNN’s State of the Union in November, “I see her and Rubio as being the same person.”

Paul said, “They both want a no-fly zone. They both have supported activity in Libya, the war in Libya that toppled (Libyan Prime Minister Moammar) Gadhafi, an intervention that made us less safe.”

“They both have supported the Iraq War, so, I mean, what’s the difference?” Paul asked.

Paul repeated this charge in December. Breitbart reported:

“Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio have basically the same foreign policy. They believe in regime change and they think that somehow it’s going to be better over there,” Paul told Bannon. “But what has happened every time we’ve toppled a secular dictator, we’ve gotten chaos and the rise of radical Islam.”

“Because of Marco Rubio and because of Hillary Clinton, because they toppled Gadhafi in Libya, we now have a failed state,” Paul explained, saying that now a third of the people in Libya pledge allegiance to ISIS and America is more at risk of an attack.

As Marco Rubio continues to criticize Hillary Clinton on foreign policy, Clinton’s camp is pointing out the same thing Sen. Paul has repeatedly: Clinton and Rubio are essentially the same.

Responding to attacks by Rubio, the Washington Examiner reports (emphasis added):

the Clinton campaign responded swiftly, and seemed to argue that Clinton favored a more hawkish approach to foreign affairs than Rubio, in some respects.

“Marco Rubio’s attempts to curry favor among the Republican base by blasting Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration on foreign policy are ironic considering he backed many of the very policies he now points to as problematic,” said Christina Reynolds, Clinton campaign deputy communications director, said in a statement.

Rubio supported the U.S. intervention in Libya, saying the administration ‘did the right things.’ At various points, Rubio supported arming the moderate opposition in Syria, a position Hillary Clinton advocated. And in fact, when President Obama sought congressional authorization to strike Syria for using chemical weapons on their own people, which Hillary Clinton supported, it was Marco Rubio who voted against it.”

The Intercept revealed last month that Clinton and Rubio received foreign policy advice from the same consulting firm.

Disclosure: I co-authored Senator Rand Paul’s 2011 book The Tea Party Goes to Washington.

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