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Many in the Republican establishment are picking sides in the fight between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Even worse, many have come to the conclusion that Trump is better than Cruz.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch says he has “come around a little bit” and thinks the GOP can win with Trump. Hatch added that he believes the GOP would lose if Cruz is the nominee. Many conservatives on Twitter were not pleased with Hatch’s remarks, to say the least.

Hatch isn’t the only Republican lawmaker with a newfound love for Donald Trump. Arizona Senator John McCain, who was repudiated this past weekend by the GOP in Arizona’s largest county, now says he will support Trump if he’s the Republican nominee. Before that, McCain dabbled for a few days in birther theories about Ted Cruz. By the way, McCain is up for reelection this year and he does have a primary opponent.

Former senator Bob Dole took to the New York Times to warn that the GOP would suffer “cataclysmic losses” if Cruz was the nominee. Other establishment stalwarts like Senators John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, and Dan Coats whined to CNN about Cruz.

Yet all these shrinking violets were outdone by North Carolina Senator Richard Burr. Burr was overheard at a fundraiser saying he would support Bernie Sanders over Cruz. He later tried to claim that the Associated Press, which reported the incident, lied about his remarks, but the AP refuses to retract the story. Burr also falsely claimed that Ted Cruz leaked classified information during a debate. Burr is up for reelection this year and he, too, has a primary opponent.

It’s telling that these establishment politicians prefer Trump to Cruz. Trump, after all, likes to make deals, just like these guys. Cruz, on the other hand, isn’t exactly known for that. The GOP establishment understands that its hallmarks of crony capitalism, Failure Theater, and putting the interests of K Street first are more likely to continue under Trump than Cruz.

The same people who talk about “building a big tent” would rather align with those who push the myth of “white genocide” and call their opponents “cuckservatives” then support a principled, Hispanic, constitutional conservative. The same people who ideologically posture at every election would rather support a man who doesn’t fight progressives than a lifelong Republican like Cruz.

This should prove once and for all that the GOP establishment is solely interested in preserving political power and delivering favors for donors. These are the same people whose failures to address the concerns of ordinary Americans and present a positive vision for the country led to rise of Trump in the first place.

Their war against Cruz only adds another reason to the list of why the GOP establishment needs to be utterly defeated.

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