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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush faced a particularly embarrassing moment in New Hampshire when he had to cue his audience to applaud after a break in his presentation.

The son and brother of two former presidents is rising in the Granite State polls ahead of Tuesday’s primary. With one showing him at 12 percent and another at 14 percent, Bush will have one more chance to make his case to New Hampshire voters at a Saturday’s debate hosted by ABC and IJ Review.

But at a town hall Tuesday at the Hanover Inn in Hanover, New Hampshire near the Vermont border, Bush hit a snafu where he made a pitch to the crowd about how he would make a better president than his a opponents when nobody clapped, The New York Times reported:

So here’s my pledge to you: I will be a commander in chief that will have the back of the military, I won’t be a divider in chief or agitator in chief. I won’t trash talk I won’t be out here blow harding, talking a big game without backing it up. I think the next president needs to be a lot quieter, but send a signal that we’re prepared to act in the national security interest of this country, to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world.

After an awkward pause, Bush asked the crowd to “Please clap,” to which the crowd kindly obliged.

The events sparked a number of humorous reactions on Twitter. Here is just a small sample.

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