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Concerned American Voters (CAV), a Rand Paul super PAC run by Young Americans for Liberty President Jeff Frazee and former Freedomworks President Matt Kibbe, raised $3 million in the third fundraising quarter—the last before the Iowa caucus.

Rare spoke with CAV President Frazee about how they’re reaching and persuading voters.

“Since June, we had around 40 full-time field staffers in Iowa knock on doors and make phone calls,” said Frazee. “In that time, we made more than 1.1 million voter contacts and identified over 165,000 likely caucus goers. More than 37,000 of these likely caucus goers said they were voting for Rand, likely voting for Rand, or maybe voting for Rand.”

Frazee explained that this identification has allowed CAV to target persuadable voters with a sophisticated digital campaign. The group has produced a series of 15 second, 30 second, 60 second, and 8+ minute videos, which are being used to help mobilize Paul’s supporters.

As he noted, “We have purchased more than 33 million ad impressions and 2.5 million video views, largely focused at our targeted lists. Of the voters on our list, we’re confident we have saturated their internet experience with up to 75 percent of the ad space they view.”

Frazee told Rare the CAV’s ads were developed based on several rounds of testing to determine which messages are persuasive to voters. The topics that performed well were Paul’s correct predictions about the perils of arming jihadists, and strong condemnations of politicians for getting us into $18 trillion in debt.

Frazee said that by the time the Iowa caucus arrives, the group will have spent $1 million on targeted online advertising alone. As he explained, “Voters are craving a better understanding of Rand, and we think our messaging has helped to deliver that.”

One of the videos, a ten-minute expose heralding Paul as the leader America needs, has nearly 580,000 likes and over 11,000 shares on Facebook. And its length is a feature not a bug when it comes to advertising.

“The long-form video … is the most persuasive in terms of getting people to either change their opinion on Rand or decide that Rand is their candidate,” said Frazee.

“It does a great job of getting the message across and we have been pleasantly surprised by the high percentage of view rates” he added.

In addition to the above video, Frazee noted that an additional eleven-minute spot comparing Rand Paul to Ronald Reagan has similar view rates and persuasive abilities.

While innovative digital strategy has been a major focus, CAV is also mobilizing voters they’ve identified, making sure they have all of the information needed to participate in their caucus. Frazee shared an example of the bright-colored mailers they’re sending. These are expected to land in the mailboxes of Paul supporting voters this week.


While the Iowa caucus is less than a week away and is where CAV has spent a lot of their energy, the group is also looking ahead to New Hampshire and Nevada. They’re targeting voters both on the ground and through a digital strategy in the two key early states as well, and have the resources to carry on as needed.

“Everything [CAV] has done has been very data driven. We’ve made sure to check our own intuitions and opinions at the door, and let the data tell us what messaging is strongest and what’s resonating with voters,” said Frazee.

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