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In the days since the 2005 footage of Donald Trump talking about groping women has leaked, it seems just about every political pundit is wondering what other video exists of the GOP presidential nominee making not-so-presidential comments.

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Speculation that there are tapes of Trump making negative comments on the set of “The Apprentice” hit a fever pitch after producer Bill Pruitt tweeted there are “far worse” tapes than what we saw from “Access Hollywood” in 2005.

Another producer who did not work on “The Apprentice,” Chris Nee, posted a since-deleted tweet that while he doesn’t have the tapes, he knows the “leak fee” for releasing the them is $5 million. Nee also tweeted (that’s been deleted, too) that Trump uses the N-word in the footage.

Some have suggested the wealthiest of the anti-Trump contingency could come forward and foot the bill for the leak fee.

There’s even a crowdfunding campaign that’s raising money to support anyone who breaks contract and leaks the tapes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, getting your hands on that footage won’t be easy.

MGM, which owns the tapes via its acquisition of Mark Burnett Productions, likely has a deal with Trump that allows him as an executive producer and the show’s top star the right to approve any video or audio that is released publicly. The company has acknowledged that “various contractual and legal requirements […] restrict MGM’s ability to release [Apprentice] material,” without much explanation.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing from former contestants of the reality competition who are sharing what they witnessed on the set of “The Apprentice.”

The Associated Press interviewed nearly two dozen former cast and crew members who detailed Trump’s lewd comments.

“I did hear what would be in a workplace considered sexist language or inappropriate language, but that was pretty normal, actually, and almost expected,” said season four contestant Marshawn Evans.

Season four winner Randal Pinkett recalls being asked by Trump which of his fellow contestants he would sleep with.

“It was kind of common knowledge that Donald loved women, loved to compliment women, loved to talk about women’s looks,” Pinkett said.

A camera-person called Trump’s interactions with another camera operator –a blonde woman– “borderline sexual misconduct.”

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“It was more a creepy feeling you felt when he was around on set,” the camera operator added. “The way he looked at you or would be dismissive to all the female producers and only deal with Mark Burnett — he was just an overall asshole who thought of himself as very important.”

“The Apprentice” debuted in 2004 and ran for 14 seasons and included a spinoff program, “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump and NBC ended their relationship in 2015 after Trump made comments about Mexican immigrants that the network deemed as racist.

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