Carly Fiorina has been rising in the polls off of her debate performance last month. She has also been rising in the polls in Iowa.

A farmer’s group, the Iowa Corn Growers Association, asked all the presidential candidates to come speak to them on Saturday. Before the meeting, they decided the biggest issue they’re going to lobby for is keeping the government mandate that requires ethanol to be used in fuel. Fiorina was the only candidate in either party to accept their invitation.

National Journal has what happened next:

“I don’t think the gov­ern­ment should be in the busi­ness of set­ting prices and guar­an­tee­ing ac­cess to mar­kets,” she said to the very quiet room. “When the gov­ern­ment is en­gaged in mar­kets, the gov­ern­ment can cor­rupt mar­kets.”

A corn farm­er fol­lowed up, ask­ing if she would ex­tend the eth­an­ol stand­ards if sub­sidies to the oil in­dustry had not been phased out by 2022.

“Yes, but if I’m pres­id­ent, they will,” she said, to ap­plause.

Fiorina joins Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, George Pataki, and Jeb Bush in supporting an end to the ethanol mandate. Most other Republican and Democratic presidential candidates continue to support the mandate. Hillary Clinton has actually called for increasing the amount of ethanol required in gasoline.

However, Fiorina is the only candidate to say it to the faces of an agricultural group. Bush, Cruz, and Pataki called for the mandate’s end in an Iowa forum and Rand Paul called for the mandate’s end in New Hampshire.

The ethanol mandate continues to draw strong support in Iowa. A June poll found that 72 percent of Iowans have a favorable view of ethanol. It also found that 57 percent of Iowans are less likely to vote for a candidate who opposes the mandate.

Carly Fiorina tells an agriculture group exactly what she thinks about mandated ethanol AP
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