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President Obama visited “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last year. During his visit, he sat down with an Ellen Show favorite, Macey Hensley, who is a pint-sized presidential expert.

Hensley, who has been on the show before to show off her presidential knowledge chops, asked president Obama whether there was really a book of secrets, to which he answered “that’s a secret.” Though she’s been studying presidents, Obama is the first president she’s met in real life.

Hensley really wanted to know if aliens are real. “What do you think,” Obama asked her. She said that she thinks aliens are real because of a show she watched. “We haven’t actually made direct contact with aliens yet,” Obama told the little girl. “But, when we do, I’ll let you know.”

Ellen asked Hensley what she knows about Roosevelt. Hensley quipped “which one,” which got a laugh out of Obama. “Good point” he told Hensley.

The presidential scholar also asked about whether the president’s dogs Bo and Sunny also have Secret Service protection. “They are on their own,” Obama said.

At the end of the interview, Obama gave the little girl her own presidential seal, which he signed on the back. “In case you become president…you’ll already have one,” Obama told her.

Barack Obama loves the kids

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