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The pressure on Republican moderates in the House from Democratic colleagues began to show late Tuesday and early Wednesday as nearly 20 lawmakers from borderline urban districts stepped out of sync with their hard-line conservative colleagues and began calling for a clean continuing resolution.

WASHINGTON — Less than a day after the government shut down, House Republicans are slowly but steadily coming forward to say they’re ready to just pass a bill to fund the government with no strings attached.

Here’s who they are, and why they say they’re done with trying to force through provisions to delay or defund Obamacare in order to keep the government running. We’ll update the list if and when more come in. It would take 17 Republicans, along with all Democrats, to cobble together the votes to pass a clean continuing resolution.

Rep. Pat Meehan (R-Pa.): “At this point, I believe it’s time for the House to vote for a clean, short-term funding bill to bring the Senate to the table and negotiate a responsible compromise.” [Press Release, 10/1/13]

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