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People are suffering in the Smoky Mountains right now, with fires ravaging the areas surrounding the popular vacation spots of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

CNN reports, “Wildfires damaged or destroyed hundreds of buildings in and near eastern Tennessee’s resort towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in a dizzying 24 hours, officials said, but responders still are trying to evaluate the destruction caused by the flames that spread with little warning from the Great Smoky Mountains.”

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I have been communicating with a friend from the area today and he says it’s worse than most could imagine.

So what is Donald Trump worried about right now?

Banning flag burning.

Seriously. What decade is this?

You would think our next president might have something to say to citizens—in a state that delivered for Trump, no less—who have tragically lost their homes and more.

Perhaps Trump should at least acknowledge their suffering. Thoughts and prayers, maybe? Something.

In Trump’s defense, as of this writing, President Obama hasn’t acknowledged the Tennessee fires yet either. Not a single Tweet or statement. But his personal and POTUS accounts also haven’t Tweeted since Thanksgiving.

Donald Trump, as we all know, Tweets every day.

Imagine if this was happening in New York City or Washington, DC. Maybe Trump and Obama both are just part of the political and media class that don’t care unless it’s happening in their backyard?

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The Federalist’s Sean Davis writes about the lack of attention being paid to the fires by the national media, “But because it’s not happening in New York or D.C. or Los Angeles, it doesn’t really count as news.”

“When a few snowflakes begin to fall in Washington, it’s a national emergency. When Los Angeles has a lot of traffic on Thanksgiving, it requires an international APB,” Davis observes. “But when tens of thousands of acres are burning in the South following months of drought, it barely warrants a shrug.”

In August, President Obama was accused of being late in addressing the flooding that caused so much damage in Louisiana.

(h/t The Federalist)

UPDATE: Donald Trump Tweeted this 30 minutes after this story was published–and good for him!

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