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There’s nothing worse than that sister, coworker—or Democratic presidential candidate—who just won’t admit when he or she is wrong.

That’s the way Hillary Clinton has approached her email scandal from the get go, and her latest claims are even more audacious. Mediaite reports:

In a meeting with Iowa’s Quad-City Times editorial board, Hillary Clinton explained that she does believe her use of a private email server while Secretary of State was a mistake…but only because of the way other people reacted to it.

An editor called her out on her contradictory statement and

Clinton responded by saying that she believed her private email was a mistake “because it’s caused all this uproar and commotion.”

Meaning it was only a mistake because she got caught, and the people catching her got mad. She doesn’t really think she did anything wrong.

For good measure, here’s more of the exchange verbatim:

“It was mistake, because who wants to put people through all of this? I don’t want to go through it, I don’t want to put a lot of my friends through it. So it was a mistake.”

“So it was a mistake because of the reaction?” the editor asked.

“Yes, absolutely,” Clinton responded.

“Not because it would have made sense to use a work email for work purposes?” he continued.

“It makes sense – look, look – I know that this remains a subject of some interest, obviously… The facts have not changed,” she responded.

“Look, I regret that this has caused so much of a diversion, which I believe is unfounded. But I will continue to answer the questions I’m asked about it.”

“I made a decision which at the time I thought was a convenient decision. It was permitted. I did it. Nobody ever said anything contrary to me.”

Even though Clinton described, in this same interview, the use of her private email server for State Department business “a mistake,” she says the only reason it’s a problem is because she had to deal with “a diversion.” People started questioning her trustworthiness while she was trying to put on an “I’m for the little people” persona.

And please keep in mind that she still said using her private email “makes sense”—even though it might have been hacked by the Chinese.

This is classic “sorry, not sorry” political jargon. Clinton justifies herself by saying it was convenient, no one ever told her otherwise, and her predecessors did likewise. However, her predecessors aren’t running for president and they aren’t the ones who may have lied to the American people.

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