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Republican Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez said that he “can definitely win” against Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) in the special election next Tuesday.

“We can definitely win, Chris. I’m confident. See, our message is resonating among independents, Democrats, Republicans. His message is a narrow sliver of the democratic party. We’re giving people a reason to fight and Congressman Markey has probably been the most egregious campaign making me somebody I’m not. He’s scared and doesn’t want to talk about his record. People are enthusiastic voting for me than against somebody else,” Gomez told Fox News Sunday.

Gomez, a former Navy SEAL, said that win or lose Tuesday he was in politics to stay, paraphrasing Gen. Douglas MacArthur by saying “I shall return.”

“I’m confident I will win but as a famous general said, I shall return. People are excited about the candidacy and more people can continue to help out at http://www.gomez I’m confident between now and Tuesday we’ll close the gap and be successful on the 25th.”

by Matt Cover |