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Perhaps we have more proof that Rand Paul needs to be taken more seriously by Republican hawks on foreign policy.

Saturday in New Hampshire, Paul made some pointed remarks to Yahoo’s Chris Moody on the subject of foreign policy, as well as the criticism he’s received from fellow Republicans Chris Christie and John Bolton.

Bolton previously characterized Republicans like Paul as “unfit to serve.”

“The people who are saying that are the dangerous people,” Paul said. “The people who wake up at night thinking of which new country they want to bomb, which new country they want to be involved in, they don’t like restraint. They don’t like reluctance to go to war. They really wouldn’t like Ronald Reagan if they read anything he wrote or were introduced to it.”

Paul insisted to Moody that even critics like Christie and Bolton might find more areas of agreement with him if they would only hear him out. But that’s an impossible scenario when Paul is unwelcome to speak at or attend certain Republican functions, as was the case last month when GOP donors gathered at the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chris Christie and Ted Cruz both attended, but Rand Paul was conspicuously absent.

Moody speculated that Sheldon Adelson, casino mogul and Republican “mega donor,” may have been a major force behind that absence, as he more than hinted at his dislike of Paul — and a possible spending campaign to keep him from running for the GOP in 2016 — in an interview with Time.

“When he gets to know me, he’ll like me too,” Paul said of Adelson.

One other donor told Time that “[t]he best thing that could happen is Ted Cruz and Rand Paul run and steal each other’s support, but if not, we’ll be ready to take Paul down.”

Such comments continue to reveal a deep divide amongst Republicans on foreign policy.

Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp said recently that Rand Paul “brings fresh energy, people and ideas to a party that desperately needs an injection of each,” and warned against the GOP dividing and conquering itself.

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