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Weiss Rasool nine years ago was a Fairfax County sergeant with access to a confidential FBI database. After tipping off a friend of his that he was under surveillance, and single-handily ruining a department terrorism investigation, Rasool was given two years probation.

Now, several years after his release, the man convicted in federal court, is back at work for the United States, this time in the IRS.

In 2005, Rasool, who now goes by Russell, became friendly with Abdullah Alnoshan, a close friend of cleric Anwar al Awlaki, a known terrorist responsible for the deaths of numerous Americans

Alnoshan at the time was under heavy surveillance by the FBI. He gave his friend Weiss the license plate numbers of cars that he thought were tailing him. Rasool, then cross referenced those in an FBI database to confirm that they were in fact owned by the Bureau. Even though Rasool failed a lie detector test in regard to the crime, he was not sent to prison and was merely given two years of probation.

An anonymous IRS official told PJ Media that Rasool’s hiring is unheard of, and was most likely aided by some internal intervention.

“There’s no way anyone with his conviction for abusing access to a government database and damaging a terror investigation could have been vetted and approved without outside intervention. Changing his name shouldn’t have mattered,” the official said.