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Three people inside a party story were asked to participate in an experiment — How many of these water balloons will it take to stop a bullet from a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum handgun?

“Stopping a bullet? No!”

One answered seven of 10, another said four, and another said the bullet would pass through all of the balloons. Or could it be none of the above?

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“Do you want to meet Chuck, one of the greatest firearms specialists of all time?”

The firearm is one of the most powerful handguns on the planet, and it shoots bullets at about 1,000 mph, Chuck explains before taking aim.

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Four. The answer is four. We’l have to watch that again in slow-mo.

So why does the bullet stop? It has to do with density. First it has to go through air, but then it hits super-dense water. Have you ever tried to run through a swimming pool?

Either way, Dirty Harry would be proud.

(H/T eBaumsworld)

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