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Holster undershirts

I love these. And not only because the tight spandex makes me look more buff than I really am. When deep concealment matters, and you have to wear tucked-in shirts and behave civilly, the undershirt carry method can be a a great option. Unlike tuckable holsters, you won’t see belt clips or unsightly bulges at your waistline. Make no mistake, as with most of the methods covered here, speed and ease of access may not match that of a belt holster.

The crotch bag method

You’ll find someone selling either Thunderwear or SmartCarry holsters at 67.38 percent of gun shows. I’ve counted.


There’s a good reason for this. These work pretty darn well for a lot of folks. People who use these are so adamant about comfort and concealability that they’ll fight you over the issue.

Ultimate Concealed Carry Hide-It Holster

Like the crotch bag carry options, the Hide-It Holster involves stuffing a gun down your pants. The difference is that you do it in plain sight.


This carry option uses a leather gun holster pouch that goes down your pants, just off-center, on the support-hand side. The leather pouch is supported by a normal-looking glasses or cell phone carrier that hooks onto your belt. So, in a sense, your are hiding your holster in plain sight. To draw, you use your support hand to pull up the cell phone/pager/glasses pouch. This pulls the hidden leather holster out of your pants, allowing you to access your gun with your strong hand. The only thing that’s visible is the phone/glasses pouch attached to your belt.

The Looper Marilyn

Let’s talk ladies-specific options for a minute, as many ladies wear underwear also.

By now, most everyone has heard of the Flashbang bra holster. Invented by Lisa Looper, the Flashbang is “capable or taking you from a 32 to a 45!” Those are Lisa’s words, not mine. The Flashbang is great assuming you’re wearing a blouse or shirt that is accessible from the bottom. To draw a gun from the Flashbang, you reach upwards and pull the gun downwards from the bra mount and out the bottom of the blouse or shirt.

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