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The Missouri legislature has given teachers the green light to carry guns in school. Now that carrying a gun is an option, educators from 10 different districts are getting trained in the ways of safe and responsible gun use.

One might call it “real gun control.”

Shield Solutions, a gun-training center, is teaching two staff members — volunteers — from each district how to use the elementary Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol. The fee is $17,500.

Interestingly, the gun trainers punish mistakes with physical training, akin to push-ups or other common exercises, when the volunteers fail to hit intended targets and hit “innocent” ones instead.

“You can’t fail at this; you can’t miss your intended target and strike an innocent person without consequences — without grave consequences,” said Don Corwley, an instructor.

Only the trainees, school administrators and local police will know who will be carrying guns in school.

IJ Review’s Caroline Schaeffer assessed the situation nicely:

“’Gun-free zone’ signs might seem nicer to the gun-control crowd, but they won’t stop a shooter. The school districts’ utilization of this training could save lives – and we applaud the volunteers and Missouri legislature who are making it happen.”

The hope is that this training will enable the teachers to serve as an adequate deterrent and respond with poise and efficiency in real life school shooter situations.

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