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Comedian Chris Rock dissected the legacy of President Barack Obama in a new interview with New York magazine, using a surprisingly astute basketball analogy.

“Everybody wanted Michael Jordan, right? We got Shaq,” Rock told New York’s Frank Rich.

“That’s not a disappointment. You know what I mean? We got Charles Barkley. It’s still a Hall of Fame career,” he said.

Rock believes that liberals were expecting a presidency a la George W. Bush, who Rock believes solely catered to those who voted for him. While he hasn’t found the Obama presidency to be perfect, Rock believes the expectations the country set for President Obama were never going to be met.

“The president should be graded on jobs and peace, and the other stuff is debatable. Do more people have jobs, and is there more peace?” he said.

“I guess there’s a little more peace. Not as much peace as we’d like, but I mean, that’s kind of the gig. I don’t recall anybody leaving on an up,” he added.

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h/t Mediaite