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At a University of Central Arkansas Obamacare presentation last week, the hosts, Living Affected Corporation, passed out free condoms to those who attended.

The group “apparently has received a grant from the federal government to educate the public about Obamacare,” The Weekly Standard notes.

“Ok, if anyone wants a paper application,” the presenter said, while picking up a mess of spilled condoms on the floor,¬†“I have those as well.”

“So when you’re leaving, you can stop by my table and I’ll give you whatever — condoms — that box has a bunch in it. Anyway … Our corporation, LA Corp … And I’m waiting on my dental dams and female condom order that still hasn’t come in. If you ever need condoms, let me know because we have thousands — boxes of magnums, we get magnums a lot. So here is the prize table.”

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