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Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) explained on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday that the Republican plan on health care is to scrap Obamacare and start over on a bipartisan basis.

SENATOR AYOTTE:  I would say let’s get to the table on a bipartisan basis and let’s make sure we have a plan that has more choice, not less. Let’s have one where we’re driving down costs and increasing competition — have the insurance companies compete in a way that they aren’t right now. Let’s get together and figure out what are the best models from the state law on the high-risk pools to address preexisting conditions. There are many ideas, I think, that we could do that won’t harm people that have policies now that they would like to keep. And I think that’s the problem that we’re seeing is a law that harms so many people who right now were trying to do the right thing and have health insurance, and now they’re receiving she’s cancellation notices and higher premiums. It seems to me we should work together to address this health care reform instead of the way this was done on party lines.

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