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The Internal Revenue Service has produced “less than one percent of the total documents requested in the Congressional inquiry into the IRS targeting of conservative groups,” the Ways and Means Committee announced in a statement Thursday morning, indicating that the agency’s actions are beginning “to look a lot like obstruction.”

“The IRS demands that hardworking Americans comply with its rules and regulations subject to strict deadlines, but it appears that same agency cannot comply with a straightforward Congressional request,” Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp said in a statement.  “The IRS has not even produced one percent of responsive documents – that is inexcusable.

“The IRS has pledged accountability and transparency, but the slow production and compliance in this investigation begins to look a lot like obstruction,” Camp continued.

There are 65 million documents potentially related to the IRS’s Tea Party-based targeting scandal. The agency has failed to turn over more than a single percent of those documents requested by congress and investigators.

Chairman Camp and Ranking Member Levin sent a letter to the IRS Wednesday pressing for the agency to expedite the process of the document production.