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During an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, noted English author Andrew Sullivan delivered a message to his fellow Libertarians about how they should cast their vote this November.

Sullivan has never shied away from criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the past, as well as her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Nearly a year ago to the day, Sullivan told Bill Maher that Secretary Clinton was a “talent-free hack.”

One year later, Sullivan was speaking a slightly different tune as the election draws closer, and the fact that Republican nominee Donald Trump could become president is a real possibility.

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“As someone who has never liked these people, who (has) always opposed them who still does not want to withdraw any of my criticisms about them, I am passionately in favor of her being elected President of the United States,” Sullivan said.

“It’s the only adult thing to do.”

Sullivan then called on Libertarians to abandon their principles and cast a vote for Secretary Clinton, so that Donald Trump will not become president.

“If there are any Libertarians out there…this is not the time to express your libertarianism, this is the time to stop this monster (Donald Trump) from destroying our political system.”

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