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It wasn’t the kind of special delivery you’d normally expect, but one Arizona family has quite the story to tell today.

A nearly 30-pound bundle of marijuana packaged in brown and black tape crashed through the roof of the Donnelly family’s Nogales carport in the middle of the night. The family heard the noise just after midnight Sept. 8, but figured it was just thunder and went back to bed. When they woke up, the found the package on an empty dog crate in their carport.

The Donnellys will foot the bill for the $500 carport repairs and finding a new home for their German Shepherd, Hulk.

Nogales is on the U.S. border and the Donnelly home is about 1,000 feet from Mexico.

Police say it’s likely the weed was accidentally dropped by a light aircraft over the residence instead of a deserted area. The street value of that accidental drop: about $10,000.

Yolanda R. Arrington is a content editor for Rare. Tweet her @iamyolanda and like her on Facebook.
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