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A newly released surveillance video is going viral and raising questions about an ongoing investigation of excessive police force in Colorado. In November 2013, 18-year-old Alexis Acker allegedly became uncooperative during the arrest of her boyfriend. According to a police report by Officer Tyler Walker, Acker was drunk and “physically combative” and proceeded to kick him and another officer repeatedly.

According to KKTV News:

Walker notes in his report that, at that time, he was “able to easily physically control Ms. Acker out of the house” describing himself as 6’3″ tall and approximately 210 pounds. He describes Acker as 5’4″ and 110 pounds.

Walker placed her under arrest for assaulting an officer and took her to Memorial Hospital, where surveillance cameras captured the resulting altercation.

As KKTV reports, police officers have had this video since December 2013 and have launched an internal affairs investigation, though it is not clear at what stage that investigation is or why the video has remained secret until this point.

Walker was never charged with a crime.

Acker’s attorney in an ongoing lawsuit claimed she suffered permanent damage including a head injury that doctors are still “trying to get to the bottom of what that is.”

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