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Robert Gibbs, former White House Press Secretary, said that it was “incumbent” upon the administration to open up and explain to the public just what the NSA has been up to.

“I think, you know, it is incumbent upon this administration and this White House to have a more robust conversation about these programs. I don’t know that this is a huge debate that’s taking place outside of the beltway, but it is obviously one this morning that’s raising inside the beltway and a greater discussion as much as you can about transparency and about what these programs are and what they aren’t. I will say you listen to a lot of the coverage and you would think we had literally millions and millions of FBI agents listening to every single call that every single american is making. That’s simply not true. Having that discussion actively with the american people is an important thing to do,” Gibbs said on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday.

Gibbs said that an “honest conversation” was needed, and the the administration wasn’t providing it, leading to a lot of misinformation about the NSA’s activities.

“I do think, again, an honest conversation about what is and what isn’t being collected so that, like I said, I don’t turn on the TV and I hear people talk about literally there must be the millions and millions of FBI agents that are listening to every single phone call in this country. Not only is that not happening it’s incapable of happening.”

by Matt Cover |