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Incoming House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows met with Donald Trump on Thursday, where Meadows presented the President-elect with a list of 232 regulations he suggested Trump get rid of immediately.

Among these regulations are items dealing with energy, climate change, food safety and welfare policy. Meadows and other conservatives believe these regulations are strangling the American economy.

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Some of the regulations that Meadows recommended Trump get rid of are:

  • The Obama administration directive gutting work requirements in the Temporary Aid to Needy Families program. The work requirements were a centerpiece of welfare reform enacted in 1996.

  • The birth control mandate in Obamacare which required insurance companies provide birth control and other reproductive health services free of charge. This mandate has led to repeated fights with religious organizations and individuals who view it as a violation of their conscience.
  • New FDA supplement labeling requirements which among other things “regulates the serving size of breath mints.”
  • A repeal of all Obama administration executive orders granting temporary legalization to certain illegal immigrants.
  • Rules misclassifying certain workers who should be classified as independent contractors as employees. These rules hurt companies like Lyft and Uber whose labor force are not technically employees. Many on the left are trying to require Lyft and Uber to treat their drivers as employees, which would require the companies to pay benefits, allow their drivers to unionize, and collect payroll taxes.
  • A suspension of the Davis-Bacon Act which requires the Federal government to pay the local “prevailing wage” for workers on Federal construction projects. The law has been blamed for increasing the costs to the Federal government on projects.
  • Abolishing the Renewable Fuel Standard. Among the RFS’s mandates are the use of increasing amounts of ethanol in gasoline. Even the EPA was forced to admit ethanol damages engines.

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Other regulations that the House Freedom Caucus wants to get rid of include ending participation in all international climate change agreements, repeal of the Export-Import Bank, repeal of the FCC’s net neutrality decision from 2015, and the smoke-free public housing mandate. These regulations often have an implementation cost in the millions, which are passed on to consumers as companies seek to recover these expenses.

The Obama administration has been one of the most regulation happy administrations in American history. Six out of seven all time page counts in the Federal Register, which records regulations issued by the executive branch, have occurred under the Obama administration. The Obama administration has also been marked by weaker than usual economic growth.

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