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Donald Trump has emphatically said he won’t hand over his tax returns until the IRS completes its long-standing audit. But, the presumptive GOP nominee wants his running mate to handover his/her returns.

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Vice presidential picks normally do turn over tax returns during the vetting process, as do presidential nominees. But, in this case, it would be unprecedented for a VP pick to have submitted tax returns while the presidential nominee is still withholding them.

A Trump adviser confirmed to CNN that Trump’s team will require the men and women he is considering for his running mate to submit returns to the vetting team. Those returns will not be made public.

Trump plans to release his returns when his audits are complete, which could happen after Election Day.

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Trump has claimed there isn’t much to learn from his returns. He did file a financial disclosure form to the Federal Election Commission, though it has not been made public. In a statement, he claimed to be worth in excess of $10 billion.

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