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President Barack Obama in a statement in the White House Rose Garden Saturday afternoon impressed on Americans the severity of the Syrian chemical-weapons attack but proceeded to say he would wait for input from Congress — after its members return from their Labor Day vacation Sept. 9 — to make a decision on the non-boots-on-the-ground action the U.S. will take against the Assad regime.

Furthermore, POLITICO reports the president then went golfing at Fort Belvoir with Vice President Joe Biden. So, not only has the president lined the pockets of his “Obama phone” business-mogul friend, he’s phoning in his work, too, despite political unrest in the U.S. and abroad in a situation officials say presents a very slim window of opportunity for action — boots on the ground or otherwise. That’s our president for you.

obama golfing

Who else has recently “phoned it in” and doesn’t necessarily deserve a Labor Day weekend? I can think of a couple candidates right off the bat … err, golf club, rather. Secretary of State John Kerry:

kerry phoning it in kerry phones it in

You may recall, he once docked his $7 million yacht in Newport, R.I. to avoid paying Massachusetts taxes on the boat.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power:

sam power

Because of a personal trip to Ireland, Ms. Power missed an emergency meeting on Syria less than 30 days after she was sworn into office, reports the Daily Mail. Officials didn’t release the ambassador’s whereabouts until pressured to do so by members of the media.

Do you know of anyone else that belongs on this list?

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