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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign says “the intern did it” — it being the Tuesday tweet of a steely-eyed Trump faded into the background of an American flag alongside equally faded $100 bills and marching Nazi reenactors all #makingAmericagreatagain.

The silhouetted Nazis were pointed out by John Schindler on Twitter, who said he was “100% certain Waffen-SS ID on the Trump pic.” The Hill noted that Schindler was a former professor at the Naval War College and retired intelligence official.

The Hill wrote that other historians confirmed Schindler’s suspicion.

Some extra leg work on this done elsewhere revealed the stock photo source of the marching Nazis.

The original tweet has since been deleted, but has been screenshotted.


Confirming this as a faux pas, the tweet was deleted from the account an hour later and the Trump campaign attributed the mistake to a “young intern” who may hear the words “you’re fired” in the coming days.

(H/T Mother Jones)

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