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“More than 700 federal employees spent half their time working for unions rather than performing their government jobs in 2012,” thanks to a law from 1978 called the┬áCivil Service Reform Act┬ásays Herman Cain.

It is estimated that this cost the American taxpayer $156,000,000 in 2011.

“They work for the government but this 1978 law gives the opportunity to go and do union work on our dime,” Cain commented.

The Washington Examiner’s Mark Flatten: “This is a provision in law that allows federal employees to be released from their regular jobs to do exclusive union work. There are a few people who say this is a monumental waste of taxpayer money that should be changed, but their bills don’t go anywhere because there’s not much momentum, and there’s not really much incentive for either the elected officials or the agency heads to get into a big battle with a politically powerful union.”

“They get paid to go and do union work on our dime … I don’t think so. You’re going to hear more about this,” said Cain.

You can read the Flatten’s article here.

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