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An anonymous letter to Neal Boortz upon his retirement:

‘From your biggest fan’: “One less mean old rich guy on the radio; I’m very glad that you are retiring. I wish you could take that other fat nasty man, Rush Limbaugh, with you. You would have someone to talk with as you grow old and meaner. You are not worth speaking the president’s name, and now you won’t have airtime to continue your hateful ways. I hope your money will buy you some happiness, otherwise you will just die being old, fat and nasty. What wife wants to be around someone so mean and nasty — unless she’s the same way? So I say hit the road jack, and don’t you come back, no more, no more. I will pray you find peace in your cold-blooded heart. You’re a very sad old man. So stay away, and please stay away from the radio and away from air, and we’re glad you’re gone and don’t want you there. Go find love, go find peace, here is where hatefulness cease.”

Well that about says it all.

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