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An article titled, “The U.S. economy does better under Democratic presidents — is it just luck,” asserts that maybe Democratic presidents have better luck when it comes to the economy. On his program Tuesday, Herman Cain suggested to his listeners that the could use this fact when debating with liberals who think Democrats just have superior handling of the economy.

“These facts come from various government sources. And I know that you can’t always believe all of those various government sources, but many of them you can. And I would estimate 80 percent of the time they’re probably correct,” he said.

“And these are just key fact you can use when you want to get into a discussion with a liberal about one president verses another,” he said.

The facts he cites include jobs, unemployment, duration of unemployment and Gross Domestic Product.

“The guys who did the study are saying flat out, ‘It’s not a function of the White House, it’s a function of a bunch of things,'” Cain said.

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