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With the rise of libertarian principles and the influence of the tea party, Jack Hunter discusses the massive shift on issues within the conservative movement. As leadership and ideas continue to change for conservatives, Jack Hunter, contributing editor of Rare, talks goals for the news website.

“A lot of people talk about the civil war that’s happening within the GOP, but what I think that enough people are not talking about is the necessity of that civil war,” Hunter says.

“Conservatism itself has changed a lot within the last five to ten years,” he added, pointing to huge shifts in views on foreign wars, the national security state and drug legalization.

“The liberty movement has given rise to a more youthful conservatism…young people are more tolerant on issues of gay marriage and drug legalization.”

“We’re in a very different place from where the Republican party was just a short time ago, and where conservatism was.”

Hunter points to the rise of libertarianism as a huge part of this change. During the Bush years, the small government Republicans were left out of the conversation. That’s the void the tea party fills.

“The tea party wants more than anything to than to cut spending,” he said. Now with lawmakers of the likes of Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and Reps. Justin Amash and Thomas Massie, “at least we have a Republican party that is willing to fight for them.”

Rare recently launched its Rare Liberty vertical, to following this shift in conservatism.

“I want Rare to be a home to chronicle these ideas and stories, and where they’re headed,” Hunter said. “It means discarding the old things about conservatism, conservatism at it’s worst. And highlighting and promoting the good things.”

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