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speaking at a press conference in Scottsdale, ...
speaking at a press conference in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 8, 2011, addressing accusations of sexual harassment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radio show host Herman Cain drew attention to the country’s deteriorating race relations on his program Friday.

“I thought race relations were supposed to get better when we elected our first black president, remember that?” he asked.

Citing statistics that show that blacks and white now think less favorably of one another, Cain points his finger to the Justice Department.

“Maybe some of the stuff coming out of the Justice Department has something to do about that,” Cain said.

“Why are they picking on Texas? Well, they beat up Arizona for a while to pander to the Hispanic vote, remember that? And they’re determined that they are going to turn Texas from a red state to a blue state so now Texas is in their sights.”

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