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Sen. Mitch McConnell on free speech nowadays: “You can fight for ideals, you can speak out, but only if you can agree with [the Obama Administration]. If you’re on the other side you don’t have a right to speak out. And not only that, I’m gonna put you out of business. I’m gonna use the IRS, the IRS for goodness’ sake … to shut them up.”

Sen. McConnell is referring to the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal that has yet to result in indictments, a fact Sen. Ted Cruz picked up on.

Sen. Cruz to Attorney General Eric Holder: “In the 280 days since that Inspector General Report, no one has been indicted, not a single person.”

Holder replied that these investigations take a long time they simply want to get things right.

“Yeah we’d like to get it right, but we’d like to get it started,” said Herman Cain. “I believe Eric Holder is stalling.”

“You know what this reminds me off,” interjected Herman Cain, “Benghazi.”

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