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Why buy school supplies only if they’re going to be confiscated at school and redistributed?

According to Neal Boortz, this is the kind of thing that happens often in public schools.

“What happens on that first day of school? Not in all classrooms, but in a huge number of classrooms the teacher will say: ‘Okay, everybody. Bring your supplies up here let’s put them all in these boxes and then I’ll hand them out as the students need them.'”

‘What wait these are mine, my mommy and daddy bought theseĀ for me, it’s my property’ — “Not any longer,” Boortz said. “You have no private property, this is America. Everyone should have an equal amount of stuff.”

“There’s a phrase for this,” Boortz added: ‘From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.’

Karl Marx said that.

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