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In light of the recent Wendy Davis scandal, Neal Boortz wonders why Texas would want to elect Democrats to public office, sparking a comparison between Texas Republican policy and California Democrat policy.

“Each one of these states” Boortz remarks “is home to about one in five Americans, similar demographics, a lot of natural resources, but that’s where the comparison starts to diverge.”

Here’s the rundown:

California taxes Democrat leadership 42 percent more than taxes in Texas.

From 2007-2013 our country saw a decline in non-farm employment by one percent. California had a three percent decline in such employment, while Texas had a seven percent increase.

California’s TANF welfare program is up by 18 percent, while Texas’s welfare rolls have gone down by 36 percent.

At the beginning of the recession, California had a 28 percent welfare case load, with 12 percent of the nations’s population. In 2013, the case load is up to 33 percent.

Food stamps are up 80 percent overall in the U.S. and up 100 percent in California, while that increase is below the national average in Texas.

All of this prompts Neal Boortz to say: “California is creating a welfare state with a Democratic legislature, Texas is growing jobs. Why do you want to vote for Democrats?”

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