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The Professor of Leisure Studies at the U of Iowa penned an op-ed for Politico recently asking the question “Why do Republicans want us to work so hard?”

Herman Cain responds with the story of the little red hen:

“Once upon a time a lamb, a cat, a pig, and a little red hen lived on an old farm on flowery hills, surrounded by fields of golden wheat. One day the little red hen found some grains of wheat scattered in the barnyard. ‘Look what I found.’ she said to the other animals. ‘Who will help me plant these grains of wheat?’ “Not I,’ said the lamb. ‘Not I,’ said the cat. ‘Not I,’ said the pig. ‘Then I’ll do it myself,’ said the little red hen.”

This goes on and on until the hen makes bread and offers it to the fellow animals, who accept it graciously. At this point, the little red hen retracts the bread offering and says something to the effect of “you didn’t work for it, so you can’t reap the benefits,” which inspires the other animals to help next time around.

All of this builds up to the major point, which is: Work empowers people to do for themselves. That’s why Republicans care about hard work.

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