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5 reasons DMX and George Zimmerman should actually be friends

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Negotiations are allegedly underway for a celebrity boxing match between rapper DMX and acquitted murderer George Zimmerman.

DMX claims that he will “beat the living f—” out of Zimmerman and even urinate on his face, but the potential sparring partners actually have more in common than they might like to think.

Here are five reasons that the pair would make fantastic besties.

They’re both artists

While DMX uses music as a form of expression, Zimmerman is particularly drawn to painting.

They both rep their ‘hood

DMX’s “Where the Hood At” and “Ruff Rider Anthem” are the ultimate hood jams. Mr. Zimmerman was a member of the neighborhood watch. How are they not best friends yet?

They both have issues with women

Zimmerman has faced legal troubles surrounding both his ex-wife and his current girlfriend. DMX has fathered 12 children with several different women and is on bad terms with many of them. These guys would make the best wingmen since Maverick and Goose.

They’ve both killed people (probably)

Ok, so DMX has never actually been arrested for killing anyone. But the guy’s been locked up for pretty much everything else besides murder. It’s only a matter of time.

They’ve both been featured on South Park

Because nothing brings people together quite like “South Park.”


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