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50 Alaskans crazier than Sarah Palin

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Politicos and wannabe pundits, both Democrat and Republican, continuously harp on former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin for being bats*** crazy.

But everyone is crazy in his or her own way. And, though Mrs. Palin may be a little out there at times, there are so many people from The Last Frontier that are a lot crazier.

Today, in celebration of Sarah Palin’s 50th birthday, we present you, in no particular order, 50 Alaskans who are crazier than Sarah Palin.

50. Charlie Vandergaw

This dude illegally fed bears for in the Alaskan wilderness for twenty years and even had a documentary made about him. That’s pretty crazy.

49. Anthony Beans

This guy killed a man over a spilled bucket of honey. Crazy, right?.

48. Soapy Smith

One of Alaska’s most famous gangsters. And what was he most known for? Smuggling soap. Crazy stuff.

47. Ava Rose

It takes a certain kind of crazy to be a porn star.

46. Mia Rose

Ava’s sister. Who also happens to do porn.

45. Artis the Spoonman

Famous Seattle street performer known for using spoons. He just looks crazy.

44. The people who elected Stubbs the cat mayor

Talkeetna, Alaska sounds like a pretty crazy place.

43. Ed Krause

Considered to be Alaska’s first serial killer. His craziness factor is pretty much a given.

42. Siaosi Sila

This crazy 19-year-old ran onto a frozen lake in an attempt to escape police.

41. Wasabi the cat

Wasabi fractured her leg after chasing a mosquito out of an 11-story apartment. Crazy cat!

40. The people who thought this statue looked like a vagina

Come on guys? Really?

39. Brooke Collins

This chick punched a bear in the face to save her dog. Heroic move. Still crazy though.

38. Vampire cruise organizer

This is so crazy! Who would even go to this! What is wrong with Alaskans?!

37. Michael Rae

Mr. Rae stole a car, crashed into a brewery, and stole several kegs of beer. Crazy? You bet. Epic? No doubt. Crazy epic? Absolutely.

35-30. The stars of “Alaskan Women Looking for Love”

These six ladies star on a dating reality show. In Alaska. How crazy do you have to be to look for love in Alaska?

29. Holly Madison

You have to be a little bit crazy to date Hugh Hefner.

28. Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp was most known for being a lawman. But did you know that he was also a teamster, buffalo hunter, bouncer, saloon owner, pimp, brothel owner, and a boxing referee? That’s craaaazzzyyy.

27. Robert Stroud

This guy was literally crazy. Officially diagnosed as a psychopath, Stroud did hard time in Alcatraz for several murders.

26. This crazy bearded guy


25. This other crazy bearded guy

beard 2

24. The craziest bearded guy

22-2 Vampires from “30 Days of Night”

Bloodsuckers that roam Alaska looking for human flesh. And they’re also super fast. The craziness knows no bounds.

1. Todd Palin

Anyone who marries Sarah Palin has to be pretty crazy.


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