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9 ways we are becoming a welfare state

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1) In 2009, 80,000,000 Americans not in the labor force; that’s gone up by 11,000,000 since.

2) Overall, 27,000,000 people are working part-time.

3) The median income for households has dropped by $2,627 during the president’s first term, while the number of impoverished has increased by over 6,000,000.

4) The government says it’s created 7.2 million jobs over the years, but twice as many Americans are on foodstamps.

5) Last year, 46,000,000 people lived in housesholds with incomes below the poverty level, a 6.7 million person increase since 2008.

6) In the fourth quarter of 2011, 49.2 percent of Americans received benefits from one or more government program.

7) More people are getting benefits than full-time workers.

8) During President Obama’s first term the number of people collecting federal disability insurance by 13 percent.

9) Since 2009, the country has added a net total of 270,000 full-time jobs and added 1.9 million part time jobs.

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Herman Cain is a businessman and former Republican presidential candidate. Follow him on @THEHermanCain


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