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Marine Lance Corporal Carlos Segovia-Lopez, 19, was driving home from his girlfriend’s house on the evening of Friday, Sept.16 when he was tragically shot in the head. Now, Segovia-Lopez is fighting for his life.

CBS2 Los Angeles spoke to his family and friends, who are all praying for his recovery.

“He fought for the homeless community, he fought for our country, now he’s fighting for his life. It’s not fair,” said Claudia Perez, a friend and roommate, through tears.

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Perez expected Segovia-Lopez to come home on Friday, but he never showed up. It was only in the morning when she received a devastating phone call that the reality of the situation sunk in.

Though Segovia-Lopez is stationed at Camp Pendleton, he comes home to LA whenever he can. When he does come home, he is often out in the community volunteering with organizations that help homeless families and animals in the city.

Despite the severity of his injury, Segovia-Lopez’s family says that there are signs of brain activity. His family is praying that the young Marine pulls through.

Police are investigating the shooting but have not released any information about a possible suspect at this time.

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