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Faced with a dire cancer diagnosis, Joey Feek remained strong, confident and at peace.

But just like her Maker who she now resides with in heaven, Joey also had her moments in which she questioned, cried and wondered why.

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“She had moments of being confused, of not understanding why she wasn’t getting better and wondering why God was letting life happen the way that he was,” Joey’s husband, Rory, said in a new interview with Christianity Today. “But I don’t think she was ever angry or filled with despair. Her faith was incredibly strong and childlike. Even on days that were disappointing or scary, she believed that ‘this is the day the Lord has made.’ I did, too. I still do.”

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Joey seemed to get braver as her cancer progressed, and she showed the ultimate love to her daughter in those final days.

“(She did) the million little things that made her life harder but richer each and every day,” Rory added. “It’s one thing to do it when you’re healthy and life is good. It’s another thing to do it when you’re sick and you know you’re not going to get better. The greatest example for me is Joey’s choice to make Indy more [part of] my life and less [of] hers during the final months, to ease our baby’s pain of separation from her mama. That’s an easy thing to say you would like to do, but it takes an incredible amount of true love and selflessness to follow through on. But Joey did it. What was important to her when we met was just as important to her when we held hands and said goodbye to each other.”

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