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While stuck behind a slow driver, a school bus driver tried to get around.

Stephen O’Connor uploaded video to Facebook of the risky move that took place in front of him and wrote, “So here we have school bus driver upset at FedEx driver for doing 20mph along Airport Road here in Lakewood today. What happens next…….watch it……..”

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Video shows the bus driver trying to pass the FedEx truck on its left, getting extremely close. Both the bus and truck swerve onto oncoming traffic lanes.

According to, the incident happened around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

O’Connor told that the FedEx driver was driving about 25 mph and drove even slower at one point.

The school bus managed to cut ahead and continued driving to head onto the Garden State Parkway. O’Connor followed the bus and zoomed in on the side of the bus which read, “Jay’s Bus Service,” with bus number “256.”

According to the bus service, the bus driver was fired for the dangerous move, reported.

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It’s unclear whether or not anyone was on the bus.

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