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Editor’s Note: Since this story was published, it has come to our attention that the information in this story is, in fact, false. The website that originally posted the story manufactured almost every piece of information, including the naming contest, the name that won and, even, that the Jinhua Zoo had a gorilla born in late August. We apologize for running the story without checking the facts, or lack thereof, more thoroughly. 

Harambe fans rejoice. Mourners of the late gorilla that was shot to save a child at the Cincinnati Zoo may have found a new hope.

The Boston Leader reports that Jinhua Zoo in China’s Zhejiang province held a naming contest for a newly-born male gorilla. With a few hundred votes, it seemed as though the new gorilla would be called 黑金 (Heijin).

And then the Internet intervened.

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The link to the naming contest was shared in America, and soon 93 percent of the votes were in favor of “Harambe McHarambeface.” The name was a nod to both Harambe and a naming contest for a research ship in Britain — officials decided that the “RRS Sir David Attenborough” was more suitable than “Boaty McBoatface.”

The Philadelphia Zoo faced a similar dilemma when it announced a naming contest for a baby gorilla that was born in late August. While internet users initially beamed at the thought of reviving Harambe’s legacy, the Philadelphia Zoo decided that it would instead allow the public to vote from a list of pre-chosen names.

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There’s one group that has truly suffered from Harambe’s post-mortem viral appeal: the Cincinnati Zoo. After being trolled relentlessly online following its decision to save a child over an ape, the Cincinnati Zoo made the decision to shut down its Twitter account.

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