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Getting to meet your favorite country music star can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. Everything leading up to it, as well as the initial meeting, is forever etched in your memory.

But, for 23-year-old Chelsea Hogue of Louisville, Kentucky, her meet-and-greet with Cole Swindell has been long forgotten. Not by choice, but due to unforeseen circumstances.

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You see Chelsea was involved in a horrific accident that almost took her life. According to her boyfriend, Joey Osborne, she was struck by a vehicle back in February, where the drunk driver fled the scene. Her family was left with the medical expenses. Not only that, but Chelsea also spent three weeks in a coma and was later diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.

The unfortunate injury to Chelsea’s brain erased many instances from her past — including the one where she met Cole. Chelsea did recently attend Cole’s concert in St. Louis. But, her boyfriend is determined to have her meet with the “Middle of a Memory” singer once again to relive the moment that has since been lost.

On Sept 17, Joey took to Facebook with a heartfelt post explaining Chelsea’s situation in hopes that Cole would somehow see it. And it turns out, he did!

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Cole caught word of Chelsea’s story through Twitter the next day and responded with the sweet tweet, “We will make this happen! Lets find a show soon.”

While we’re uncertain which show Chelsea will be attending, Joey went to his Facebook page to update friends and family. He captioned, “You should of seen the look on Chelsea Hogue’s face whenever I told her! I have it on video!!! I’ll post it once everything is confirmed. Once I hear back from Cole, I will definitely let everyone know the news!!! Y’all can share the crap out of this to let everyone know!!! Thanks to everyone for all of the support!!! RISE UP CHELSEA!!!”

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