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If you thought your day was bad, just know that it could always be much, MUCH worse. Just ask an unsuspecting Florida woman and her friend who were dining at Panera Bread.

Patrick Bruce, a man who already suspected of indecent exposure at Cancun’s Sports Bar and following a woman to her front door, reportedly stared at the two women to the point of discomfort on Sept. 12. The ladies moved to a different table to try to enjoy their food.

Police say that Bruce left the restaurant and returned with a Publix cup. He walked into the bathroom.

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Upon exiting the bathroom, Bruce made his way to the pair, said, “Here you go,” and proceeded to dump his semen onto one of the women. He apologized for spilling his “drink” and then left.

Bruce reportedly left his cellphone at the Panera Bread, and employees found explicit pictures of Bruce that he took in their bathroom.

Bruce is set to appear before court on Thursday at 8:30 AM. He is looking at “two charges of battery, indecent exposure, and commission of a lewd and lascivious act,” according to Tallahassee Democrat. A mental health expert was brought in for screening.


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