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A gang member seen shooting at others at a car wash in Denver, Colo., last September finally learned his sentence on Tuesday.

Thirty-nine-year-old Dedric Delainen Mayfield was charged of being a felon in possession of ammunition and sentenced to almost five years in prison — 57 months, KUSA reported.

Mayfield is required to serve three years on supervised release after his time in prison.

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Mayfield and a friend were at a car wash on Sept. 22, 2015, when rival gang members suddenly arrived, according to court documents. Mayfield told his friend to leave the car wash bay, then gunfire broke out.

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Footage shows Mayfield, his friend and gang members shooting in the car wash lot. You can see two children standing by a red vehicle as shots ring out. Thankfully, the children managed to get inside the car.

However, the friend was struck by a bullet.

Reports say Mayfield dropped his friend off near Denver Health Medical Center and left him outside; someone finally noticed him and took him inside. Sadly, the man did not make it.

A rival gang member also passed away.

“Two young men died senselessly that day, but when I think back to that shooting, I only think that Mayfield and the other gang members had zero regard for the lives of the people with them in that busy car wash,” ATF Special Agent in Charge Ken Croke said in a statement, according to the Denver Post. “They were far too busy being offended by people who wear the wrong clothes and hang with the wrong people to be concerned with anyone but themselves.”

According to KUSA, a 9mm shell casing was found at the car wash by investigators, but the gun Mayfield used was never recovered.

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